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Aftercare of tattoo

    1.  Remove the bandage after 5 days.

        After removing the bandage, rinse with water gently and allow to dry.

        When it’s perfectly dry, apply ointment immediately.

    2.  Apply ointment at least 4 times a day. (morning, afternoon, evening, and night).

        Using clean hands, allow ointment to spread evenly over thin layer.

        *It is recommended to use tattoo aftercare ointment. 


    3.  Wear clothes that are not tight and have room for size to avoid stress on the treatment area.

        *Do not apply pressure or any shock to the treatment area.


    4.  When taking a shower, apply thick ointment to the tattoo area to prevent water from directly

        touching the treatment area.

        *Please avoid direct contact with water and soap except when removing the bandage.


    5.  The exfoliation may lead to minor pain and tickle.

        *Never scratch or tear it off as part of it, but tap the area lightly to relieve pain and irritation.


    6.  Please avoid direct UV light on the treatment area while healing.


    7.  Drinking alcoholic beverage is allowed after at least 3 days.


    8.  Try not to exercise that can make you sweat. 


    9.  You can use sauna and swimming pool after one month.

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